Shop for Valentine’s Day Gifts in Downtown Naperville

Hands holding a small gift box tied with a silver bow in a jewelry store. Focus is on the present in the foreground, with a display case out of focus in the background. Valentine's Day gift

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! You could order flowers from FTD or visit a national jewelry chain, but there is more romance to be found in unique, local products. You’ll find that shopping local provides a special background that brings your gift to life and supports the local economy. So, shop for your Valentine’s […]

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Chow Down: The Best Delis Around Naperville

Young woman wrapping a sandwich at a deli counter

Everyone is in a hurry from time to time, and there is nothing like a good on-the-go soup, salad, or sandwich to tide you over until your next sitdown meal. Quick service and delicious food are the hallmarks of a good deli, and Naperville has a few great options. The best delis around Naperville go […]

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On the Town: CityGate Centre in Naperville

Girlfriends sharing a laugh in Coffee shop

Brookdale on the Park is just seven minutes from a destination that offers city sophistication in the suburbs: CityGate Centre in Naperville. Encompassing thirty-one acres and home to businesses, restaurants, a spa, and the fabulous Hotel Arista, CityGate Centre in Naperville has it all. Stroll through the town center environment, and take in highlights that […]

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