The Historic Herrick Homestead in Naperville

Visitors to Herrick Lake enjoy the extensive trail system, picnicking, and wildlife viewing. Sightings of black-crowned night herons are a special treat for birdwatchers. A park for all seasons, head over to Herrick Lake in the spring, summer, and fall to engage in hiking and biking. And then return to the park when winter sets in as the rangers prepare the trails for cross country skiing.

The Herrick Lake Forest Preserve is a great local park with a storied history that dates back to the 1600s when the Potawatomi settled in the area and called it home for roughly 200 years. Some of the nearby roads even mimic the trails frequented by the Potawatomi. The Treaty of Chicago eventually forced the Potawatomi west beyond the Mississippi River leaving a vacancy in this lush region of Illinois. But it didn’t stay empty for long. Ira Herrick, a homesteader, was drawn to the land and marshy lake for the resources they offered. Herrick moved to this charming wilderness in 1833 and for the next hundred years, the area was in consistent agricultural use. Keen visitors to the park can still spot primitive fence rows and non-native grasses introduced by farmers over the years.

Naperville is a haven of natural beauty and has a wide variety of accessible green spaces. From the River Walk to Centennial Beach, there are always opportunities to soak up the sun in Naperville. And you can enjoy the all rich splendor of the city without sacrificing the luxury and amenities available to discerning professionals. Residents of Brookdale on the Park enjoy impeccable landscaping, outdoor spaces, water views, and an all-season swimming pool. If you aren’t already calling Brookdale on the Park home, contact us today to schedule your tour.

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