3 Simple and Fun Crafts to Get Your Apartment Decked Out for Memorial Day

We often lose the meaning of Memorial Day in the parties that accompany a three-day weekend. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the freedoms we enjoy, but we should also honor those who gave their lives to pay for those freedoms. Here are three apartment decorating tips that will let you do both:

  1. Red, white and blue star banner – Pick up paint chips from local hardware store in the appropriate colors. Cut out starts in varying sizes. Hot glue them to twine or yarn. Drape them on the wall.
  2. Commemorative candles – Paint jars with stars and stripes motive, reminiscent of the American flag. Add raffia or ribbon decoration to the tops. Place candles in the jars to light in memoriam and let them continue to light your evening table.
  3. Patriotic wreath – Cut pool noodle to the correct length to form a wreath. Connect the ends with duct tape. Wrap about a third of the wreath in blue yarn, securing the ends with hot glue. Wrap the remaining portion with alternating red and white stripes. Cut stars from white felt and affix to the blue portion. Hang on the door.

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