Local Businesses in Naperville Offering Online Ordering This Holiday Season

A woman sits on the floor with her laptop, credit card in hand.

If you’re already starting to worry about getting the holiday shopping done this year, then take a breath. You can support our fantastic local businesses in Naperville from the comfort of our apartments in Naperville┬áthis holiday season. Anderson’s Bookshop Anderson’s Bookshop is a local, family-owned Naperville institution. Just across the street from the library, this […]

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Find Treasures At One Of Naperville’s Boutique Jewelry Stores

Woman wearing jewelry from Naperville's boutique jewelry stores.

Jewelry can add pizzazz to any wardrobe. It can also serve as an expression of individuality or make a special occasion more memorable. This summer, add a little sparkle to your day by visiting one of Naperville’s boutique jewelry stores. You’re sure to find the perfect gem to match your style preferences! Lauren Rae Jewelry […]

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