Find Treasures At One Of Naperville’s Boutique Jewelry Stores

Woman wearing jewelry from Naperville's boutique jewelry stores.

Jewelry can add pizzazz to any wardrobe. It can also serve as an expression of individuality or make a special occasion more memorable. This summer, add a little sparkle to your day by visiting one of Naperville’s boutique jewelry stores. You’re sure to find the perfect gem to match your style preferences! Lauren Rae Jewelry […]

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Enjoy Great Shopping At The Woodfield Mall

A young couple enjoying great shopping at the Woodfield Mall.

Malls are a great place to visit any time of the year. You get many popular retail chains, food courts, pastry shops, and even cinemas in one convenient location. The¬†Woodfield Mall, a 40 minute drive from Brookdale on the Park and one of the largest shopping centers in America, is no exception. The mall spans […]

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Visit Awesome Vintage Shops In The Chicago Metropolitan Area

Young woman dressed in vintage clothing from one of the best vintage shops in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Shopping at a vintage clothing store is like finding something new to wear from Grandma’s attic. In fact, vintage clothing is rising in popularity today. Millennials especially value the unique nature of retro designs. The main advantage of wearing vintage clothes is that no one else looks quite like you! So, if you’re looking for […]

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