Eat Your Fill On a Naperville Bites and Sites Tour

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Looking for an exciting way to usher in spring? How about a food tour to start? If so, a Naperville Bites and Sites Tour may just be up your alley.

These fully-narrated, three-hour tours depart from downtown Naperville, just minutes from Brookdale on the Park. And, best of all, they take place every weekend from April through November. Whether you’ve lived in the area for years or just moved to the neighborhood, a Bites and Sites tour is a fun way to explore hidden gems, discover new favorites, and learn more about our community. 

The Sites 

More than just a culinary experience, the Bites and Sites tour integrates history, culture, and local cuisine. You’ll enjoy entertaining commentary from a seasoned guide as you delve into everything that makes downtown Naperville unique. Generally, the tours cover the historic downtown area, train station, the Riverwalk, and the Century Walk. The latter is a public art trail featuring 50 eclectic pieces spanning over 187 years of Naperville history. 

As tour members move from one tasting to the next, the guide will expound upon Naperville’s rich history, point out historic architectural sites, and identify artwork, sculptures, and murals throughout the city. 

You may spot the famous “Cat in the Hat” statue, a tribute to Illinois’ most famous children’s book writer. Or, you may find the faces of long-time Naperville residents in “The Great Concerto,” a breathtaking mural in Central Park.

In the historic downtown area, you’ll be regaled with stories about the stately homes, the Naperville Settlement site, and the Millennium Carillon. The latter is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. Guests will finish the tour with greater insight into what makes Naperville tick. 

The Bites 

Although the restaurants on the tour are subject to change, every tour promises at least six food-tasting locations, with special emphasis on gourmet food stores, farm-to-table restaurants, sweet shops, and famous local dishes.

You might stop at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria to grab a slice of traditional Chicago-style pizza, swing by Aunt V’s Main Street Market for some organic snacks, and then wrap it all up at Le Chocolat de Bouchard with a sampling of decadent pastries and chocolates. No matter where your tour takes you, each stop builds on the one before. Most importantly, you’ll finish the tour with a happy feeling of satiation.

All in all, the Naperville Bites and Sites tour promises plenty of fun for everyone. If you’d like to live in a central location that affords you access to this exciting tour, consider making Brookdale on the Park your new home. For more information or to schedule a tour of our grounds, contact us today.

Expect upcoming events to be subject to change. Prior to any event or performance, check for delays, cancellations, or news from state/local officials.

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