Enjoy Online Art Classes at Vitruvian Fine Art Studio

A woman taking online art classes from Vitruvian Fine Art Studio.

Would you like to enhance your artistic skills? enjoy online classes with Vitruvian Art Fine Studio. It provides the same great instruction that it offers at its Chicago workshops.

Classes include:

Drawing Basics 

Drawing Basics introduces the fundamental concepts typically overlooked for more advanced material. It focuses on fostering drawing ability through a series of exercises. The instructor emphasizes repetition, and every lesson builds on the last class. Among other things, you’ll learn how to capture subtle curvatures and understand the value relationships of your subject. 

Still Life Painting 

Paint alongside David Jamieson as he offers easy step-by-step instructions for creating a painting from start to finish. No previous experience is necessary. You’ll enjoy 43 distinct lessons. The videos start with introductory sessions about paint and painting techniques before diving into the sequence of steps for creating a finished piece. You’ll also learn how to better understand the proportions of your subject and how to identify and solve problems. 

Portrait Drawing 

Portrait Drawing is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to draw beautiful, life-like faces. It’s challenging yet fun and covers the comprehensive concepts needed to complete a finished piece. You’ll learn how to make a portrait appear three-dimensional. In addition, you’ll also learn how to draw natural-looking features through understanding the major structural characteristics of the nose, mouth, ears, and eyes.

Need supplies? The Vitruvian Fine Art Studio has high-quality kits available that will ship to your door. 

If you’d like to live in comfortable surroundings while you learn new skills, consider making Brookdale on the Park your new home. In addition, you’ll also live in proximity to Chicagoland’s premier attractions. To become a resident of our vibrant community, contact us today. We will arrange a personalized tour so you can see everything we have to offer.

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