How to Keep Your Stainless Steel Appliances Clean in Naperville

You live in these beautiful apartments in Naperville with stainless steel appliances and you want to keep them looking like new.

With a few simple steps you can keep you stainless steel clean.

  • Try to make it a routine to clean your appliances with a simple cloth and warm water. Just wipe everything down regularly with a damp cloth and then be sure to dry it with a towel.
  • If you notice stains on your appliances that need a more thorough clean, use a mild detergent. Add a drop of mild detergent used for dishes into a bowl of warm water and wash the appliances.
  • Finger prints are probably one of the biggest issues with stainless steel. To get rid of those unsightly prints use a glass cleaner.
  • When you need to polish your steel, there is a specialized cleaner specifically for stainless steel you can use to give them a new shine.

You don’t have to endure dirt marks in your apartments in Naperville with stainless steel appliances. Use these tips to help you get them looking new again. Find out more about our apartment amenities by contacting us.

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