DIY: Eco-Friendly Cold Weather Lawn Ornament

Eco-Friendly Cold Weather Lawn Ornament

So, it’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the mercury in the thermometer is plummeting, and peppermint-flavored everything is on sale everywhere. If you’re looking at your lawn, balcony, or stoop, and trying to think of a fun way to transform it for the winter season, there’s a simple do-it-yourself craft […]

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The Unique Benefits of Houseplants

Nothing brightens up your apartment in Naperville better than houseplants. In addition to the beauty they bring to your home, houseplants also improve air quality and act as a natural air freshener. Different types of plants offer unique benefits that are maximized when placed in the right room. Before you visit your local nursery, take […]

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Don’t Get Rid of Your College Mini Fridge: Use It in Your First Apartment!

During our college years we accumulate a lot of stuff. One such item most of us wind up getting is a mini fridge. After your college years, you don’t have to ditch the mini fridge. Instead, use it at our luxury apartments in Naperville near North Central College. Having a mini fridge can be a […]

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