Workout All Year in Our Naperville Indoor Pool

How do you define luxury? Is it in rich warm carpeting that stretches from wall to wall? Is it in gleaming wooden floors, vaulted ceilings or stainless steel appliances?

You will find all of these things in our Naperville apartments, but the most luxurious feature of all lies outside your apartment walls. Imagine swimming laps or doing low-impact exercises in a gorgeous pool in the middle of our Illinois winter.

Here are some great ways to work out at our apartments in Naperville with indoor pool:

  • Move a ball in a figure eight pattern under the water in front of you to tone your arms.
  • March in place extending both arms and legs as far as you can.
  • Do 10 jumping jacks.
  • Holding on to the wall with one hand, reach the other arm over your head while leaning your hips away from the wall. Repeat 10 times.
  • Holding on to the side of the pool with your back against the wall, draw your knees to your chest. Repeat 10 times.

If you are looking for resort-style comforts in your apartment home, look no further. Contact our leasing office and arrange a tour of our prestigious apartment community in Naperville.

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